LeesaMattress Review

the leesa mattress on a wooden bedframe

The direct-to-customer market has become a substantial sector in the mattress world, andLeesais a significant contender.

With many complimentary reviews, this mattress is fast becoming a very popular option.

Leesa的理念很简单 - 帮助人们睡得更好。



In a nutshell, the Leesa mattress is a straightforward design of triple-layered foam wrapped in a flameproof cover.

When you put it in barenaked terms, it doesn’t really sound anything special – however, it’s what’s inside that counts.



the leesa mattress on a wooden bedframe from an angle

Starting at the top, circum fusing the entire mattress is the seamless, polyester blend covering which provides the finishing touch.


For me, it seems a shame to hide the stylish design away under the bed sheets!



It’s All About the Layers

The main body of the bed comprises of three different foam layers, totalling a height of 10 inches. Here’s a brief overview:


This layer is made from 2 inch thick Avena foam. The Avena foam is an exclusive formula developed by Leesa which aims to work more effectively than the principles of latex.


Intermediate Layer

In the center of the mattress you will find 2-inch thick pressure-relieving memory foam which gives you all the usual expectations from a traditional foam mattress.

This layer allows for support and pressure relief.

Lower Layer

The base layer features a 6-inch thick, high-density support foam which acts as the bedrock of the entire structure.

它不仅提供支持和稳定all kinds of sleepers (up to 300 lb in weight), it ensures the durability of the mattress construction too.

The Leesa Mattress Review



  • Overall height 10 inches
  • 2 inch cooling “Avena” foam layer
  • 2英寸轮廓记忆海绵
  • 6英寸的支持高密度基
  • Suitable for side sleepers, back sleepers and front sleepers due to adaptive feel technology
  • 6个可用的标准尺寸
  • 2套设计方案
  • Hypoallergenic
  • CertiPUR-US certified foam
  • Designed and made in USA
  • 设置方便
  • 10年保修
  • 100夜试用
  • Free Returns


In terms of firmness and feel, there are mixed reports, however the general consensus from sleepers concluded that this has more of a firm feel than medium-firm. Most rated it 6/10 on the scale.

This could mean those that suffer with back pain could find relief as it supports the lumbar region. However, if you are looking for something super plush and soft, this isn’t going to float your boat.

An intermediate solution could be installing a topper to adjust the firmness.

Comfort and Support

Woman laying comfortably on the best mattress she's bought on Amazon.


The Avena foam is designed in such a way that it gives you enough cushiony bounce for movement and flexibility while the memory foam contours to the body, giving the all important pressure relief.

When you sandwich both the Avena and memory foam together, you get that sense of a soft hug feeling ,but with the right balance of support.

Motion Transfer

The combination of Avena foam and the memory foam working in synergy together alleviates motion transfer pretty effectively.

Therefore, if your partner has a tendency to fidget and constantly change positions throughout the night, chances of you being disturbed should in theory be dramatically reduced.


The Leesa mattress is designed to accommodate all types, all shapes and all sizes of sleeper, up to a weight of 300lbs.




凉ing Abilities

Foam mattresses can be renowned for sleeping “hot”, however the guys at Leesa have come up with innovations to alleviate this issue.

The Avena foam situated at the surface of the mattress is the cool guy out of the layers.

This level is perforated and shaped in such a way to provide optimum airflow through the mattress which should allow for a cooler night’s sleep.

The outer covering is also made from breathable materials which should enhance airflow and regulate your body temperature.


As this mattress can only be purchased online, overheads from fancy showrooms can be taken out of the equation.

As a direct result, the lower costs are reflected in the price you pay, which should mean good value for money.



Health and Safety

young child lying on a mattress and smiling at the camera

When looking for a new mattress, your initial thoughts might be focused around comfort and support, but have you considered whether the mattress is healthy for you or the safety aspect?


The Leesa mattress is hypoallergenic which is good news for those with sensitivities. This means it’s less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

Leesaalso don’t treat their mattresses with any harsh fire-retardant chemicals.


这种方法已经取得了监管要求消防标准“16 CFR部分1633”.


  • Ozone depleters
  • PBDE flame retardants
  • 甲醛
  • 重金属,汞和铅
  • Phthalates

Also, to maintain healthy indoor quality of air, the mattress is approved for low VOC emissions.

For these reasons, you should be able to sleep soundly knowing Leesa have put their best efforts into creating a safer and healthier environment for you.

Free Delivery and Easy Set Up

Is you are someone who likes the straightforward approach, then a Leesa mattress could appeal.


All that is required of you is to position the box where you want it, open, unwrap and watch your mattress expand and take shape, simple.


Peace of Mind with Warranty and Sleep Trials

Leesaoffer a market standard warranty of 10 years on their mattress.

However what isn’t so standard has to be the generous 100 night sleep trial which they have in place.

他们只问你是to sleep on it” for 30 nights before you make a decision, this could give your body sufficient time to adjust and allow a real feel of the bed.





For every 10 beds sold, Leesa donate a mattress to a shelter for the homeless in a programme devised called “one-ten”. Up to this point over 10,000 mattresses have been given away.

As for the environment, in conjunction with the Arbour Day Foundation, a tree is planted every time a mattress is sold

This kind of action is seldom seen from big conglomerates, which just reinforces the character of the company.

Our pick 我们的#1额定



  • 质量

  • 质量

  • 质量
    Our rating


When checking out reviews it’s appropriate to say that across-the-board this mattress provides a satisfactory sleeping option.

Many users compliment the mattress for its straight out of the box “just right” comfort even if for some it was a tad firmer than they preferred.

However, the firmness provides a great platform for support which is significantly important for back pain sufferers.

One of the most significant points made was in relation to the effective cooling initiatives Leesa have incorporated. Many consumers noted the mattress felt cool to the touch and remains at an optimum temperature allowing them to sleep through the night without any disturbances and wake up feeling rested.


However, there were a couple of small issues which seemed to keep cropping up.


Granted, many pointed out the soft side support concerns wasn’t a make or break decision by any means as they weren’t edge sleepers, however some users said it made laying on the edge feel like they were going to roll right out of bed.


Leesanote any slight odor will dissipate shortly after set up and the majority of users’ comments reflect this by having no problems.

Yet some users said they experienced issues with the “weird” smell still being apparent after three weeks of set up.

Pro Comfortable
Pro 支持
Pro Good Value
Pro Durable
精读 Edge support issues for some users
精读 一些用户注意到一个挥之不去的放气的味道


For me, theLeesa床垫似乎是一个extremely well thought out product which takes into consideration many different aspects of sleeping to allow you a good night’s rest.

This uncomplicated design is simple but effective and many reviews reiterate this fact.

The Leesa mattress is very well made and comes in at an affordable price for most people which makes it good value for money.



It is a sound quality product with a growing number of happy customers. For some, it has even changed their way of sleeping for the better.



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