Many people around the world smoke weed for various reasons and it’s now legal in many places. Weed is the slang name for marijuana which is a plant that’s dried before being smoked. Weed is said to relax people, create a feeling of euphoria (a high) and it may ease pain…but does weed make you fat?

医疗研究was carried out and reported that marijuana smokers consumed more calories than non smokers. The increased calorie intake was due to weed smokers wanting to snack after smoking. We’ll look at some of the reasons why smokers crave snacks and explore ways to avoid snacking on unhealthy foods.






Marijuana contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which latches onto receptors in the human brain that regulate mood and appetite. After smoking weed, the receptors that control appetite and normally tell you you’re full, will now tell you that you’re hungry. This then results in you eating more than you usually would because you’ve smoked a joint.


Some weed smokers say that they suffer from depression following the high they experience when smoking. If you’re feeling low you may comfort eat, and comfort eaters usually eat junk foods and sugary sweets. If you comfort eat to lift your mood you’re likely to gain weight.

Another reason why smokers get the munchies is that weed can make some foods smell and taste better. Foods you usually avoid may become a lot more appealing after smoking a joint. When your brain has told you that those salty potato chips are going to taste great you’re likely to open them and eat the lot.

How Do I Avoid Getting the Munchies?



You can also have something to eat before you smoke which may avoid you getting the munchies after smoking. If you have breakfast, lunch and dinner before you smoke weed you’re less likely to get the munchies. Eating well throughout the day should fill you up so you’re less hungry.

Drinking plenty of water or juice may also help to suppress your appetite before you smoke. If you’re hydrated before and during your smoking session it may help to suppress your appetite.


You can also try chewing gum which may help to suppress your craving for food after you’ve smoked weed. Chewing a stick of gum makes you produce saliva which can trick you into thinking you’re eating. The gum also keeps your mouth moist and while you’re chewing a stick of gum you won’t eat.

Brushing your teeth is an effective way to avoid eating and it works for a lot of people. Most toothpastes have a minty flavor and this flavor affects the way most foods taste. You probably won’t enjoy the taste of food when your mouth is minty which may help you to avoid snacking.


  • 你抽烟杂草提前准备一些健康的零食。
  • 不要把零食或垃圾食物在家里。
  • 抽大麻前吃早餐,午餐和晚餐。
  • Fill up on water or fresh juice.
  • Keep yourself busy.
  • 嚼口香糖来抑制你的食欲。
  • Brush your teeth after smoking weed.






The Last Word…

Smoking the actual weed substance isn’t going to make you fat as it’s not food and you’re not consuming any calories. Things such as age, gender and lifestyle may have some bearing on whether you gain weight after smoking weed. There are also many different strains of marijuana and they all have different effects on the brain’s receptors.

The way that smoking weed affects your brain may lead to a weight gain if you get the munchies and eat snacks. If you regularly smoke weed and snack on unhealthy foods you’ll probably gain weight. You’re also going to gain weight if you don’t feel like exercising due to lethargy after smoking a joint.



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